Can I give up smoking using e-cigarettes ?

This is a fairly contentious issue as there is not enough long term research information available & consequently it is just not possible to make definitive statements yet.

Though early results from all round the world are generally extremely positive & there can be little doubt that e cigarettes have the potential to save millions of lives.

Already highly respected organizations such as Public Health England have said that electronic cigarettes are around 95% safer than tobacco and the Royal College of Physicians have also come out endorsing the use of electronic cigarettes

However what we can do is give you the benefit of our own experience & explain why we think that it may be the right way for you to kick the smoking habit.

What makes me smoke ?

As you are probably already aware nicotine is a highly addictive substance but in the small amounts contained in a cigarette is no more dangerous for you than the caffeine that you get from a cup of coffee or tea.

We are used to obtaining our nicotine hit by inhaling the smoke from burning tobacco which is highly dangerous due the amount chemicals & carcinogens contained within that smoke.

Traditional smoking cessation aids such as gums, patches, inhalers, sprays etc address the issue of your body craving nicotine but we feel that they fall down on one major issue for many people that are attempting to give up smoking & that is for many people it is far more than just nicotine addiction.

Much like a child’s comfort blanket there is often a psychosomatic need to do something with our hands which may have a variety of triggers from the phone ringing to having a cup of coffee & everything else in between.

This is when you pick up & light a cigarette which also is often followed by a feeling of pleasure / satisfaction when you inhale & get your hit of nicotine.

How can I change that?

Unlike patches & gums an electronic cigarette can also address that secondary tier of issues faced by somebody attempting to give up smoking by actually mimicking what you were previously doing with a cigarette but without all the nasty stuff.

I (this website founder) had been a heavy smoker (60+ Rothmans a day) for many years & had to give up after a medical scare. I tried everything but genuinely believe that I would have gone back to smoking had it not been for electronic cigarettes & it is now over 5 years since I smoked my last cigarette.

When looking at an e-cigarette for the first time the most natural thing in the world is to choose something that looks & feels most like what you have been used to smoking & these lookalike e-cigarettes have been widely sold in garages & supermarkets.

Unfortunately the technology utilised by e-cigarettes has been compromised in making them as small as an ordinary tobacco cigarette often leading to an unfulfilling experience.

Make a plan to succeed

There are many reasons that you may be looking at giving up smoking for and it is definitely worth taking the time to decide what those are and what they mean to you in order that you are able to set yourself realistic goals with a result at the end that will make you feel good about yourself and your achievements.

For example your decision may well be to improve your health in which case after a period of time without smoking you want to be able to walk/run a distance without being breathless or be able to go up x flights of stairs without having to stop.

Your goal may be to save money, so decide on something that you want to purchase with the money that you have saved as a treat, like a holiday and that becomes a measurable target to achieve.

There are many other potential reasons for wanting to quit but only you will know what is personal to you but chose it and work towards that goal.

However giving up smoking for most people is without doubt an extremely difficult thing to do and if you are going to be successful it will probably require a bit of advanced planning and an understanding of the triggers that make you want to light up a cigarette.

What are my options?

Thankfully the technology has moved on & it is now possible to achieve an experience once only available in the larger e-cigarettes that so many people find off putting as starting point.

The innovation behind the Emili e-cigarette & charging case is a game changer as it has overcome many of the technology limitations that have previously hampered the small e-cigarette form factor.

However if you are not so concerned about the aesthetics of an e-cigarette there are now several devices / products on the market that have been designed from the ground up to replicate the sensation that you get from a tobacco cigarette but to achieve this they have had to move away from attempting to look and feel like a tobacco cigarette.

So now you can have a replacement for your tobacco cigarettes that does address your nicotine addiction in a way that feels more natural in terms of having something to do with your hands & puff on. Now the difficult bit starts as you need to reduce your nicotine input which can either be achieved by taking fewer puffs or reducing the nicotine content the e-juice that you are using.

If you feel that the use of an electronic cigarette would be right for you, please avoid the sort of products that you might find on the shelf of your local supermarket or garage and seek specialist advice as this will ensure that you the best chance of success.

What about nicotine strength & flavour?

Probably of greater importance than the e cigarette itself is going to be your choice of e juice. There are a few factors that you need to take into account like whether you are a light or heavy smoker as we would recommend that a heavy smoker (20+ per day) is going to require a higher nicotine content juice (15 to 18mg) and a light smoker may only need a low to medium nicotine content (5 to 12mg). Remember the idea is to slowly step down the nicotine strength over time & thereby reduce your dependence on nicotine gradually.

Then you need to consider the flavour of your e juice and we find that this is split between those that want to get as close in flavour to their tobacco cigarettes as possible & those that want to avoid tobacco altogether. Either way we can provide a wide range of options for you.

Please remember that whatever you chose it will not be exactly same as smoking tobacco if only because you are no longer burning anything & rather than inhaling carcinogenic smoke, you are inhaling flavoured vapour. Some people do experience some side effects such as a dry mouth, coughing or even headaches but these are as much to do with the withdrawal effects of stopping smoking as anything else but tend to pass in a few days (nobody said it would be easy). Should you have any doubts please consult your GP before using an electronic cigarette.