Recommended Solutions

For Quitting Smoking

Our Recommended Solutions for Quitting Smoking

Our experience is that many people find it easier to slowly step down the nicotine strength until they feel confident enough to stop altogether or keep their e-cigarette with zero nicotine as a prop for those times when they feel their resolve weakening

Please be aware that unless you are extremely fortunate there is no easy way to give up smoking & whatever route that you decide to take, it will require dedication & determination

Emili by Smiss

Now this piece of equipment looks & feels great with a massive amount of thought having gone into the design that cleverly overcomes the limitations of having a very small battery on the e cigarette by making the carry case contain a larger built in battery that acts as a charger when your e cigarette is placed in the case but furthermore it contains 2 e cigarettes so that you can have 1 on charge whilst you are using the other.

That is the good stuff but even though it is clever this would not really be well suited to a heavy smoker as the tanks (clearomisers) are only capable of carrying a small amount of e juice so will need refilling often with heavy use & even the clever battery charging system will not suit heavy constant use. Suitable for light smokers that want their e cigarette to look like a tobacco cigarette.


This product has been has been designed as simple effective e cigarette that has been optimised to suit those wishing to obtain the sort of draw & sensation that they got from a tobacco cigarette.

All the hard work has been done for you and whilst it is quite sophisticated there are no settings to worry about as they have all been fixed so that the power & airflow is ideal. It’s leak free top fill tank makes it extremely easy to use & is a fantastic option for the light to medium smoker (up to 20 cigarettes per day)

T22 by Innokin

This is just the big brother of the T18e with a bigger battery & tank to suit the heavier smoker (20+ cigarettes per day)

Aspire Nautilus X Tank & Cool Fire IV Combo

Aspire Nautilus X Tank & Cool Fire IV Combo – This is a combination of products that we have put together for the heavier smoker that is perhaps wishing to take control of various settings such as airflow, wattage or voltage output of the battery etc. These are all things that can enable the e cigarette to be personalised to your own tastes but are not going to right nor necessary for most people wishing just to stop smoking.

E Juice

This range of e juices have been lovingly created & produced in the UK to exacting standards & are ideally suited for use in the recommended products.

Anything else that I need to be aware of?

Please be aware that any e cigarette is a sophisticated piece of electronic equipment that will require a degree of care & looking after. Your batteries will require charging with the supplied charging cable (never use a different one), Your tanks will need refilling often & the tanks all have a heating coil (much like a mini version of the heating element in the bottom of a kettle) that have a limited life & will need replacing on a regular basis (simple to do).

Please don’t be frightened or concerned by any of this as it really is not difficult but you are making the switch from smoking tobacco & using a technology to replace it that needs a little bit of forethought like making sure your battery is charged or that you have enough e juice with you. These little things can make the difference between you succeeding or failing to give up smoking.